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Monday, November 23, 2009

D-Con Disassembled Pt.2

So anyway D-con was a thrilling romp of booths of vinyl and shimmering strange art. They had a lot of cute plushies like this squid above (sadly he wasn't for sale). Mostly they had a lot of the little vinyl toys people want that u might find in kidrobot,giant robot or Munky King. Actually Munky King had it's 9own booth and Kid Robot is it's on vinyl toy company. They had some bigger figures also on sale, basically it was a place to find some hard to find items are not pay for shipping. D-Con had one section called Yoka that just had the same figure redone below by artists doing it their own way.

What I found funny was right next door was the Toy Train Operating Society Southwestern Division Expo. The sign just seems so long and so exact in wording it's just strange. Why not just welcome toy train enthusiasts.
I wonder which had a higher turn out this or D-con, I kind of wish they were in the same space . As a friend pointed out they could have let the vinyl toys ride the the trains. Here's a pic below of what it looked like that I snapped because it actually cost 30 bucks to get in for two days.

Overall D- Con was a blast , but go with friends and except to be there for only a few hours then you'll probably want to walk around old town Pasadena. I had fun and a lot of the artists for the different vinyls were there so you can ask them stuff or get your toy signed.
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