Friday, November 13, 2009

Little Tokyo Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Try out the new Gold Line for free this Sunday only in Little Tokyo. Finally Little Tokyo is connected to the Metro Line so it's actually quite easy to get there if one doesn't want to pay upward of 4 dollars to park there. Little Tokyo UnBloggged a great site to keep up with Little Tokyo news, however says many locals feel the new line is unsafe for pedestrians. So be careful testing it out.
Union Station, Little Tokyo, Mariachi Plaza and E. LA Civic Center Stations will all have music, booths, and activities Sunday only says Yelp
If the line isn't a terrible safety hazard like the Orange Line head down to the

11th Annual Japanese Food Festival it's 50 buck, but u get a gift bag, so hey

11:00am -
Open The Door
11:30am -
Taiko Performance
11:45am -
JRA President Uechi
JFCA Mr. Kumoda
JCG Consulate General Ihara
12:15pm -
Opening Sake Barrel Ceremony
12:30pm -
Filleting a Tuna Demonstration
1:30pm -
Sushi Eating Contest
2:00pm -
Mega Sushi Roll
3:00pm -
Sushi Contest
4:00pm -