Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Pioneer Bowl The Bowling Alley The Doesn't Care If It's Open

I love Pioneer Bowl, the only bowling alley in Pioneertown, because it doesn't care if it's open.
I hate Pioneer Bowl, the only bowling alley in Pioneertown, because it doesn't care if it's open.

As a writer of things to do I frequent Instas and other spots online others wouldn't, wondering if a spot we'll open up. What comes to mind is the very long term opening of LA's Alamo Draft House. Which took years. Problems stemming from The Bloc itself being the main reason it wasn't opening up. In any case, I keep tabs on new/fun places to go or places I hold my breath on with anticipation to eventually try.
Pioneertown is a tourist trap not that far from Palm Springs and is where a lot of cowboy movies were filmed many, many years ago. Now, it's where people go on the weekends to drink and listen to live music at Pappy and Harriet's or pet goats.
Pioneer Bowl is one of the few places you can go to there, but their online presence, the people/person/AI running it doesn't care very much if it's open or not.

Now it'll be open for one day this Feb 17th between the hours of 10am and whenever the person whose there feels like it should close. Uggh.

In the age of so many people setting schedules on their phones and pre-paying with them this place's attitude is that of a surfer dude. Which kind of make sense as the last time it was previously open was for New Year's Eve for a Big Lebowski Party and at $125 per person.

So, a surfer dude with some cash.

Now, I'm not sure of the prices for bowling there or really anything as nothing is listed and they no longer have a functioning website as of writing this~2/9/24.

It's such low level energy for a place that seemingly would be very busy and possibly raking in tourist trap dough if it was simply open and had a schedule.

Once again, I don't know the running costs of the place or anything else and that is on the person/entity running it's social media that doesn't explain why it's calendar is mostly empty.

You can also look at it as glass half full and that you might have the chance to go there when it's opens...if it opens... at some point.

I hate this place, but I also love it, because it's totally insane that it operates with seemingly no cares. Hopefully, one day I can try it and say you didn't.