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Friday, February 9, 2024

Further Out: Revival Arcade In San Bernardino

If you find yourself further out and in San Bernardino, then there's an arcade you need to check out, Revival Arcade.
1395 N. E St, San Bernardino, CA 92405
Fri 4 - 10, Sat 12 - 10, Sun 12 - 8
$10/hr - all games on free play
$20 day pass

Right across from an unofficial McDonald's Museum is one of the nicest arcades we've been too in some time. This oasis in a "desert" or "further out" location has over 90 arcade games. This includes classic arcade machines, pinball and even console systems open to all willing to pay a $10 and hour fee or just go full in and pay $20 for a full day.

Now, TTDILA recently went out to the location over a weekend and like us, you'll see that hour fly bye. 

After playing Smash TV and killing the weird as heck boss we got stuck on beating the whole Star Wars Trilogy Arcade that graced so many movie theaters in the late 90's/early 2000's. We were playing a big truck simulator and some pinball and of course, some rock band. 
We even got into picking the music playing for the arcade by merely going up to a touch screen jukebox that would jam out old hits from Weird Al.

Now, other than some nostalgic arcade titles they have consoles ready to play and a collection of some Japanese arcade cabinets, like a Stuntman driving game we've never seen.

They're supposed to move titles in and out every so often, but, as it was out first time there, we're unsure how frequently that happens. 
The only negative is that some of the machines did seem off or broken and some definite burn-in on some older arcade machines. Maybe, some cute signs saying, "Sorry, this machines is out", would help. Instead of having the rush of going up to a Elvira pinball machine and seeing that it doesn't work; breaking our hearts.

The style of the place is crazy hoarding Uncle junk collector and we love it.
There's even old school junk food machines, where you can grab nothing healthy for you except maybe water.

The $10 is totally worth it, but if you're gonna be there put down a $20 and spend as much time as you can before you're movie starts or really make a day of it.
*Just a reminder, this place is open weekends only.