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Friday, February 2, 2024

Hype: Isn't That The Same Movie?, chocoLAte & Cherry Bomb Pinup Trading Cards


Argyle is out now in theaters with Henry Cavill and then in April you have Henry Cavill in The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Though the latter is done by Guy Ritchie, they appear to be almost the same movie in tone and style. I say just make them part of the same story somehow or start casting different people.

So some decent violence this year and I didn't even share the trailer for Monkey Man.

From the Natural History Museum"ChocoLAte: From Beans to Bliss celebrates L.A.’s various cultures and heritages through the flavor, traditions, history, and applications of chocolate — showing it as more than just a dessert. The series will demonstrate how different cultures have used it for centuries as medicine, currency, and as a significant part of rituals, as well as how those traditions affect our modern culture and society."

First up, Uncle Eddie's Vegan Cookies

Glen Brogan and Mona Collentine's Cherry Bomb Pinup Trading Card Art Show is up now.