Monday, February 19, 2024

Further Out: Retrovolt Arcade & Extraordinaire Arcade

~This is part of our Further Out series. So, you'll be having to step out of the confines of LA and visit the outlands for a weekend/day trip to checkout these places.

Retrovolt is everything we want in an arcade. New games and old, special models imported from Japan. And, a place not afraid to have light. Oh, and games, games, games!
M-Tu closed
544 Myrtlewood Dr, Calimesa CA
One Hour Standard $10
kids 10 and under  $8
Weekend All Day Pass $25
We'll say it, it's one of the nicest looking arcades we've been in and it isn't a barcade. Yo, cleanliness is a factor and this place, which isn't afraid to have the lights on or sunshine come in looks great. There's no fear of a sticky machine and I only saw one unit that wasn't working. (Should have reported it) Big colorful murals, nicely lined-up arcade machines and
a pinball section. And, it stretches with enough breathing room so it doesn't feel cramped.

The line-up, like I said, is probably the most impressive with a healthy pinball section with rare older games and newer machines like the latest Jaws pinball machine. Sterns' JAWS pinball has this great mechanic of hearing and seeing a fishing lure get pulled each time you shoot the ball on the board. HD scenes from the movie play with an amazing audio system that builds tension from the famous theme. So, newer titles are floating around.

As you enter you'll see some of the Japanese imports like the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy machine that let's you play along with songs from one of the longest running JRPG series. Ask, how to play as the game is in Japanese. Not far is a Sailor Moon side-scroller, beat-em up with the first five scouts playable and a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighter based on the Stardust Arc. Both look and sound great. When any of the Sailor Scouts use an ultimate attack their faces take over the whole screen and you'll swear you're seeing a clip from the anime. JoJo's machine also looks amazing; any fan of the series will be in awe of how good it looks. And, it makes sense, as Capcom hired series creator, Hirohiko Araki, as a consultant on the game.

More games as you go up or around. Classic and hard to find super-hero arcade machines. Now, I didn't see that hard-to-find Superman beat-em up, The Death and Return of Superman, which, online says there isn't an arcade unit, but one of us know it's real. What was real was The Punisher and it's a crazy co-up beat'em up where you can team-up with pre-Samuel Jackson Nick Fury. We must go back and complete it. These were games based on the comics before they got cartoons and movies. So, see a totally white version of Vision and other fun strange details.
There's something for everyone, all different genres to get into. Music, racing, rhythm, it's all there with classic favorite fighters.
And, even after spending an hour for $10 a person, it easily could have been more. Maybe, even a day of it with many a food option nearby.

If you're further out or along the way, give'm your money and play.

Retrovolt Arcade has been around for almost a decade and it shows with how well-maintained their arcade is.
I only hope they change up the arcade units every couple of months to have people coming back to try something new.

Nestled near the creepiest looking pizza sign is the Extraordinaire Arcade. This is the second arcade in San Bernadino we've been to recently in our extended travels on the outskirts of known LA civilization. Y' know, the places people go out to for a weekend on the way to Palm Springs, wine country or kind of near Disney. 
Oh, and don't worry about the pizza place. We wandered into Pizza House for you, even though it looks like the sign should have been updated to not look like it was made by Blumhouse. Inside it looks they make pretty good pizza and they have their own arcade too, but it's not in the best condition, it's bad. Many of the machines look broken and are collecting dust. You might want to head over to the real arcade for games, unless you want to play some skee ball.

Extraordinaire Arcade lacks the style of Retrovolt. Though, it's right next to pizza just like it. What Extraordinaire does have is many old school classic hard to find cabinets of games you won't find at any Dave & Buster's. They have Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Punch-Out with the two screens vertically and some much older racers. 
Just like the model of many arcades we've covered it's $10 an hour with everything on free play & $20
for an all day pass.
They have some of the newer shooters, but if your looking to play some older titles or any of the arcade Mortal Kombats, you come over here!

A section of newer consoles to play seems nice for younger kids, but if on a nostalgia quest or wanting to try older arcade machines you're gonna avoid that area.

Of the stranger things I saw was a wonderfully weird Episode 1 pinball machine. It sort of projects a holographic screen in the back so you kind of lose the ball when it enters it. It did so poorly being sold the company that made it, Williams, closed their pinball division.

Really, going to these types of arcades let's you look at features and controls you won't find with a keyboard and mouse or the latest console. Paperboy played with a handle bars was quite hard to handle.

And playing alongside or against a friend never gets old on titles that will take you back or have you wondering why did they make this.

And, of course they have Metal Slug.
M-Tu closed
2347 N Sierra Way San Bernardino, CA 92405