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Friday, February 9, 2024

Hype: Devs, Breen, Stopmotion & UI Matters to Gamers

 -Day of the Devs, Indie game showcase goes nonprofit

The auteur, Neil Breen, has finally released his latest film Cade-The Tortured Crossing on DVD. What a masterpiece it will be.

For those not in on it. Neil Breen makes some of the craziest and insane films out there. Are they good? In the sense of you won't believe one man would be doing this. The movies are like living memes. Every moment is an utter tear-inducing laugh with friends.

And he is so...him the only way you can get the film is on DVD, no revealed plans on digital.

Just going into the history of Breen is fascinating as to why he even makes movies. An ego like no other, fully green-screened backgrounds and special effects you learn early in high school make for a masterpiece of sci-fi/horny/drama that you can only get on disc...for $33.99 including shipping.


We're looking forward to this one, from director Robert Morgan; we love his shorts. This is his first feature film and boy does it looked messed-up. Stopmotion will be in theaters February 23.