Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Entropy Centre Review: Where's The Blood?

 By Jonathan Bilski

Why did I think there would be more violence in this game? I thought, talking gun, lab on the moon,
it's going to be one bloody affair. However, it turns out that his is a puzzle solver, in the vein of Portal. Forget massive kills, forget seeing guts, the world is over, just... you got to reverse time from it happening.

Starting off very much like Portal, you wake up not knowing who you are, but do get a friend in the shape of a gun/tool that can reverse time. Astra, your gun, is cute and really sells the comedy and jokes in your nightmare situation of being trapped on the moon and the Earth is kind of gone. I immedialety wanted more anime/ shows to have talking weapons. Or make it a feature in other games.

Anyway, to figure everything out and save the world you can reverse time threw a series of ever getting more intricate puzzles. Sound familiar? Dealing with time can be a headache if your not in the right mindset. I wasn't. I wanted blood!

I wanted to reverse time on people until they were squash-able babies ( they wound have been alien gross babies) or age them to dust.

That's not this game, this game is puzzles and if you're the sort who likes it, it's for you.

It's not as polished as Portal, much smaller team and what not, but it's a darn good homage to the series, trying to make it, it's own thing.

I just wish there was some more violence, but it can't be helped. Have your baby sci-fi puzzle game I guess...(sobs) I'll find something bloody to play.
Game provided by publisher for review purposes.