Thursday, November 10, 2022

Does This Museum Look Familar?


Valderas Museum

If you think it looks like The Getty Center, you're not wrong. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II apparently had what looks like it as a location called the Valderas Museum. It was a map you could fight in its beta. Now, that the game has come out, its been cut. Still, many unanswered questions why it was. The most obvious answer it was cut is because, many people wouldn't want to see a real world location being used in a video game as a war zone.

Looking at the photos below, it's pretty spot on. I remember sitting on that stone.

The Getty hasn't said anything on social media about it, so far. You should check out the other stuff they do put out online. Or even better, visit the place in person, it is free. Just gotta pay for parking.

1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA
Free, just grab tickets online

Tuesday–Friday, Sunday

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