Thursday, November 17, 2022

Local: Mondo at DCon, Howlin' Rays Pasadena, New Hammer Project & Vehicle hits 25

 Mondo is head to DCon this weekend, check out what they have over at /Film. Lots of Godzilla love.

 Remember, Howlin' Rays Pasadena is open.

Hammer Projects: Eric-Paul Riege is going on now at the Hammer
NOV 13, 2022–FEB 19, 2023

For his upcoming Hammer Project, Hólǫ́llUllUHIbI [duet], Riege presents a new series of sculptures visualized both as swaying trees and pieces of ornate jewelry, or what the artist calls “totems of memory”—personal objects which assist in the holding of psychic energy as one navigates the world. The works employ a mix of new and recycled fiber from previous artworks, reflecting the artist’s celebration of a material’s ability to “sing so many new songs.” In their scale, the hanging sculptures—likened to living spirits—also recall the period of Diné creation myth during which giant gods (“big monsters”) roamed the earth before the birth of humankind.
And just a terrible catastrophe at the LA County Sheriff's Academy.
"The most serious injuries included head trauma, broken bones and “loss of limb,” said Sheriff Alex Villanueva. He said five people were critically injured, four had moderate injuries and 16 had minor injuries."