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Friday, March 4, 2022

That's Not Really A Second Season

TTDILA loves animation and as we've posted before the animation industry is in an uproar. If you've been following a lot of animators on their social media you've been reading horror stories of how bad it is to work in the industry and why they want better deals on about everything.

One point that's been talked a lot lately is how all the major streaming services and networks give this artificial Season 2 or 3 news on an animated show. They latest being The Cuphead Show. The Cuphead Show really hasn't been renewed for a second season it's just releasing more episodes it has completed. Why it gets ire of animators is because, it's simply not true and secondly they don't get the pay increases and stability of doing more seasons.

All the networks/streaming services do it, because it's just cheaper. But it sows a lot of discontent and leads to a horrible way of not being paid fairly for the work you've done.

Another show that did this a few years back was Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, which was broken up into three season, but probably paid the animators as one season. And, oddly enough, we remember reading online that it was possibly held for release for 3 years after completion by Netflix.