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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Coming 2023

We've finally got some more news on our own Super Nintendo World here in SoCal. In the latest press release from Universal we have it opening next year, 2023. When in 2023? That was not revealed. 
What was also stated is were getting one ride. We were hoping to have at least three, to beat Japan's Super Nintendo World, which has two. Sadly, no details on what the ride is and if it's just Japan's Mario Kart ride. 

We're getting interactive elements too, just like the other theme park. So, probably gotta buy a wristband to have special things in the park work.

There's still very scant details on the park and if it'll just look like the one in Japan or be it's own thing.

The only other news was merch for the park will be featured in the Universal Gift Shop Store soon, before any of Super Nintendo World opens. Let's hope it's as cool as the stuff they get in Japan. I want to eat popcorn out of a upside plastic Mario Cap!