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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Hype: Last Crumb, Game Bundles For Ukraine and Texas & More

(Photo by Audrey Ma)

Love LA Magazine's coverage of $12 cookies. You can totally understand why the rest of the country gets sick about hearing about LA.
It's all about the cookie company Last Crumb, with no physical store. Cute names like Better Than S*x, a chocolate cookie and Netflix and Crunch, a cinnamon cookie are part of the over $100 cookie box you have a slim chance of getting every week.
“It’s like a nightclub,” Jaeger says. “We have a huge waiting list.” A sweet grand earned VIP members the means to jump the line, along with heirloom packaging and seven prepaid boxes of cookies. Nearly 1,000 people clicked on the offer—a million dollars for future cookies. Juiced with the VIP cash and $1 million in VC funding, Last Crumb has since expanded to 30 staffers and secured a facility in Pasadena to increase production.

Two game bundles from