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Friday, March 4, 2022

Anime/Cartoon Hype: Pompo the Cinephile, Ghibli Fest, Trivia Quest & Jellystone!

We've been looking forward to this one for a while. An anime movie about making movies. From early reviews it shows the insane struggle of getting a movie made. Is there anything more Hollywood and meta (not Facebook) than this?
Pompo is a talented and gutsy producer in “Nyallywood,” the movie-making capital of the world.
Although she’s known for B-movies, one day Pompo tells her movie-loving but apprehensive assistant Gene that he will direct her next script: a delicate drama about a tormented artistic genius, starring the legendary and Brando-esque actor Martin Braddock, and a young actress seeking her first break. But when the production heads towards chaos, can Gene rise to Pompo’s challenge, and succeed as a first-time director?

Directed by veteran animator Takayuki Hirao and produced by brand-new animation studio CLAP, Pompo the Cinephile is a rollicking, exuberant ode to the power of the movies, and the joys and heartbreak of the creative process, as a new director and his team devote their lives to the pursuit of a “masterpiece.”

Exclusive Premiere Screening April 27 & 28 In select theatres April 29
Select Theaters

The yearly Ghibli Fest Returns to theaters this April, just in time for Passover. Just kidding, it has nothing to do with Passover. But, if you've missed any Ghibli movie, you have another chance to see it in theaters. Jeez, if you live in LA I don't think a month goes by when you can't see at least one in a theater out here.

Yeah, we know Crunchyroll and Funimation became one. Is it that great? Probably not as having one booth at Anime Expo makes it less fun.

Oh, jeez does that really mean only one booth at AX this year? But, Sony also owns Aniplex...let's hope they have a pretty large booth to show off their stuff.

Netflix is trying to be more interactive and this new cartoon looks like fun, though it looks more for the kiddos. Trivia Quest is out April 1st. And though the wheel reminds you of Trivial Pursuit, nothing from the press release says it's based on the game.

More episodes of Jellystone! are coming out this month on HBO Max, March 17th. Remember, it's called Season 2, but really they're just holding back episodes. They have a ton more waiting to be released, but you'll have to wait.