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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Paramount+ presents: "10 FORWARD: THE EXPERIENCE Doesn't Look Good For A Star Trek Fan


Unless the 10 Forward is the name of a rustic bar within Picard Season 2 and they haven't shared that with anyone, a Star Trek fan might think this is an awful experience. Popping up shortly after the Picard Season 2 premiere is some kind of bar relating to it and not the original 10 Forward from Next Generation.

You can buy tickets here, but the lack of any real details makes it a tough choice for any fan.

I don't think the people involved making this or advertising this watched any Star Trek.

🖖 Immerse yourself in everyone’s favorite social hub of the future, 10 Forward
👾 In celebration of the long-awaited Star Trek: Picard season 2 Premiere
🌮 Delicious food and drinks by cult-favorite Los Angeles restaurant and food truck hotspots, including Son of a Bun, Lime Truck, and more. Additional food will be available for purchase
📸 Plenty of photo opportunities to capture every moment
🛍️ Access to the official 10 Forward Canteen Store, featuring Star Trek merchandise and new custom products never sold before