Saturday, February 6, 2021

WTF Is Paramount+?


WTF Is Paramount+? Because, if you watch the Superbowl commercial for it you you might think it's something bad. Because the different actors, characters and cartoons in it don't seem  to know why they're a part of it or understand what it is either.

The literally named Paramount+ ,because Disney did it + first, is comprised of all things Paramount and Viacom. So, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV and what use to be CBS All Access is part of it.

The commercial doesn't really explain that and comes off super weird and we hate it. Showing it to friends, people went what is Paramount+ after watching it, proving it to be a horrible commercial. Not even getting the basics of what ever is trying to be sold. May it rot in commercial Hell as an unholy sight of some executive's son arrogance and stupidity.

 *No, that isn't Archer in the commercial, Archer is now owned by Disney. There's some cartoon show you or I have never heard of the Archer clone is from.