Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Fry's Finally Dead, Sadness For Those Who Like Shopping Electronics Under Giant Ants


Fry’s Electronics, beloved electronics stores dotting SoCal and the West Coast are finally all gone/closed as of last night 2/24/21. Fry's died a slow painful death as stores grew empty, but remained opened with no new products inside as it's owners waited to sell the land.

If you grew up in the LA area, you probably visited them over the years as part of the most fun, so LA, places to check out. What other massive electronic store had themes like Burbank's beloved B-Movies? Horror and sci-fi movies from the 1950's came alive with giant ants, flying saucers and an evil octopus in the computer section. What about Woodland Hills' iconic Alice in Wonderland themed store? Whose going to missing going down the rabbit hole every time you entered it?
This sucks.

Check out one of the threads online showcasing the stores below.

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