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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Ben & Jerry's The Movie Looks Like It Doesn't Understand Jokes


In a clip that sets back everything gained from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? we just have a unfunny boring scene where those involved must know on some level that they should take their own lives and possibly never had children. People who worked on this movie having children was a mistake.

Just go ahead and watch as almost every character is unlikable as a young woman tells an animated mouse she's gonna poison him. Then they guy from Ant Man plays a jerk boss against character and it doesn't work. Animation occurs, none of which is funny.

Directed by the same man who made Taxi starring Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon comes something only a man who has no regard for animation could...poorly.
Oh, and Ken Jeong's in there too. Just throw him in and make him wacky. That's the plan.

It hurts to watch the clip. If you become numb while watching it, stop. Take some time and watch the Mortal Kombat trailer, laugh at it and forget previous clip.