Thursday, February 18, 2021

Palm Springs Adventure: Hadley's, On The Mark, Monster Shakes, Re[X] & The Transilvania European Food Store

With so little to do in the LA area, why not do what must people do to escape, head to Palm Springs for the weekend.

Before making it into Palm Springs or as you leave it, head over to Hadley's the mega tourist trap market. It's terrible to get to and to leave thanks to a bizarre roundabout that's connected to the freeway. I mean really, wtf were they thinking? But, if you make it there alive, you have a wonderful selection of snacks, candy, baked goods and local brand everything in jar and plastic wrapped.

47993 Morongo Trl Cabazon, CA 92230
9am - 5pm every day
(951) 849-5255
You'll see the walls lined with photos from celebs trying to get some respite from LA. Shelves stacked with dried fruit and nuts to snack on. 
A few years back it was in a different location and you could buy fresh fruit there, but now it's all packaged for gifts to take back with you or for something to snack on later.

Decent beef jerky.

If you miss the pricey places to grab food from LA, don't worry. Go to the high end On The Mark, a cheese shop that also filled with yummy treats of all kind and they ain't cheap.

From the owner on Yelp:
On The Mark is one-of-a-kind gourmet food market and deli, featuring a range of unique boutique products such as: craft beer and wine, artisan crafted cheese, nitrate-free meats, pâtés, small batch oils and vinegars, and more! Monthly wine tastings and much more

111 N Palm Canyon Dr Ste 155 Palm Springs, CA 92262
10am-5pm every day
(760) 832-8892


For something you may not finish, because it's just too much, why not head to Monster Shakes? This hidden gem stands out in the parking lot next to really nothing that interesting. Why is it not on main street? Probably to save money on rent. It doesn't change how good the shakes are on a hot day.

425 South Sunrise Way Ste H-7 Palm Springs, CA 92262
11am-8:30pm every day
(760) 537-5792
These shakes deserve the name monster, it's recommend you might just want this as your breakfast and lunch. It's a lot of ice cream and they have 14 amazing special Monster Shakes to try. Each having a different look and taste and totally fun to take pics of to make friends jealous.

If you want to look at some fun furniture to take back with you head over to Re[X] a misplaced Melrose-esque furniture and desk toy store. It has a huge selection of stuff that'll make you home sick for all the niche and artsy stores in the LA area.

2500 N Palm Canyon Ste B1 Palm Springs, CA 92262
11am-5pm every day
(760) 656-0543

If you want to find something from far away...well, forget a Japanese supermarket, they don't have them out in Palm Springs like the rest of SoCal. But, if you want something from Europe this place can probably help you out. The
un-eloquently titled Transilvania European Food Store is a quick, simple stop of candies and treats to grab you won't find in a regular market.
 Always be on the lookout for foreign soda

4556 E Camino Parocela, Palm Springs, CA 92264
M-F 7AM-530PM
Sun 9AM-2PM 

 And, the only comic shop in Palm Springs is Interstellar Comic Books. It's an okay store where you can grab the latest on your favorite superhero.

180 E Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, CA 92262
11am-5pm Tue- Sun Closed Mon
Store hours vary due to covid 
(760) 325-1814