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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Why People Hate LA: Cafe Gratitude


If you liked me harping on Red Dog Saloon, then you're in for a treat as I was just informed of one of the most full of themselves, hipster, millennial places to ever exist, Cafe Gratitude. This is why people hate LA, they see things like this and go, "No, dammit LA."

We have two location in LA, one of which is, of course, in the Arts District. So, hip, so cool, so gentrified. Hey, I like it there too.

Now, right now you're reading this and going what's wrong with the place? What could possibly be wrong, is it the food or the staff? Well, it's the stupidly named menu. A menu so full of itself it should throw-up.

It goes by starting off the mantra I AM...


then you order, regularly overpriced food items with names like MAGICAL, THANKFUL & PURE. When they really mean BLACK BEAN BURGER, SHAVED KALE SALAD & other KALE SALAD.
So, everything on the menu is suppose to be a positive mantra thing? It comes off extremely childish like adults into My Little Pony. Like, why not name things on the menu after magical ponies?

Like, just going through Google for these names. RARITY is one, how bout that for a RARE HAMBURGER or (let's see) PINKIE PIE could be PIZZA PIE.

Anyway, it's about the same level when they named the menu. And I would not fight them on this if these were specially made items with their own twists on things, but they aren't

Yes,they have AVOCADO TOAST, but it's called PEACEFUL or maybe, one day TWILIGHT SPARKLE.

Ughh, it's so full of itself here.

Now, it is a Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant, but that's not a problem. There's plenty of good food to get down that route. What's aggravating on high is being that high and mighty about it, like by eating the food there your better than another human being or pony.

I have not visited the locations in person, so I don't know how the food is, but I would never want to spend the money when there's plenty of other Vegan joints in town that don't think their king sh*t of f&ck mountain or Equestria.

Chill out, Cafe Gratitude.

If any of your friends go here, yeah they're full of themselves.