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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Weekend Adventure: Pioneertown & The Red Dog Saloon

By Jonathan Bilski
Well, Howdy, there folks! You looking to do something? Get away from it all? Escape the big city? Then, go West my friends! Or whatever direction Pioneertown is in. We headed out there ourselves to try out The Red Dog Saloon, a total hipster taco spot. And we took in the local town settled by ancient Hollywood cowboys where the use to film Westerns.

In the vast desert, an hour or two from LA and 40 minutes from Palm Springs we saw mountains covered in snow and out the corner of our eyes a small western town like out of Red Dead Redemption. There's really not that much out there just a few shops, some live music and some goats.

And, as my traveling companion did not believe me, they are living goats. Which was sad as he has seen and petted goats as most children have at a petting zoos and numerous birthdays and elementary school events. This goat in question, wore a cowboy hat and that was enough to for him to question it being a living creature. And, yes, my compadre will read this article at some point and be reminded of his sad, sad skills of figuring out if something is alive or not.
Probably A Fake

There ain't no goat meat at the Red Dog Saloon. No, there you have vegan options. This place belongs on Melrose, more than the outskirts of civilization.

Friday - Monday from 11am-8pm
53539 Mane St, Pioneertown, CA 92268
Like LA, when writing this, 2/4/21, there's no dine-in service. There is however a lovely outdoor area for you, your friends and of course your dog to eat tacos at. 
Frankly, my friend and I seemed almost naked without a dog with us. At this point, they should be renting them with your meals. A nice big dog to pet along side eating tacos and then to go for walkies around Pioneertown. Get on it millennial douches.

And that is what The Red Dog Saloon is, run by millennial douches. Now, it's not a negative thing, it's just the way it's run.

Now, uggh, sad to write taht the food is mediocre at best. We sampled all the tacos with meat in them. Brisket being the best. But, coming from SoCal with so many Mom & Pop tacos places or just taco carts, it in no way compares to them. There's nothing special about the food here, but the cute presentation. Gotta say, we do love the labels. Can't say I understand how they could screw up elote. Does someone with a Spanish speaking family background work in the kitchen, probably not. It's not taco bell, but it's no fiesta either.

Now, no qualms with service, these millennial douches are fine taking your money and they'll take a lot. Be prepared for a 16% service charge. But, nothing took to long to come out and they treat you nice.

Getting into the more millennial douchery, there's an almost hidden small leather store connected to the Red Dog saloon called the Bone Yard, I believe. There ain't no G-d damn reason for it to exist. It's so hidden and off to the side, such an afterthought, one wonders if it's the dream of a little brother. Going inside it, is an immediate trip back out.

All things considered, grabbing one taco and their large booze menu is nice for an outing. Don't waste your money on the ridiculously small cup of "house" lemonade for $4 though.

If they went all in with some modern munchies or just, well, something original, but, huh, this is just another overpriced tourist trap diner. Fun to go to, but leaves you hungry.

Pack a big lunch.

Now for the rest of Pioneertown, it's small, but has a few places to check out as well as other overpriced tourist souvenirs to grab. It's nice to just chill and walk around taking it all in. For an escape, the photos you can take and just a nice day drive, it's worth it.
You might even see some horses and I can tell you they are real, even if they wear cowboy hats.