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Friday, October 2, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Action USA, Lupin III: The First, Primal, Accidentally Wes Anderson & Little Tokyo's Farewells

You need to watch Action USA, another gem found by Alamo Drafthouse. It's a totally insane action movie you've never seen and you can only watch it online from them until October 12. We know it's time for horror movies, but make an exception for the explosions.
GKids has the dubbed version of Lupin III: The First hitting theaters for one night only. Then it'll hit the home video market. We recommend the home video market still.

Primal, the overly-violent caveman cartoon is back Sunday on Adult Swim with 5 new episodes.
There's an upcoming book called Accidentally Wes Anderson which captures real world places that look like they came out of the director's movies. We've recommend coffee table books before, but this might be one of the most coffee-st table-st book of all. Who doesn't want to turn a page and see a place that has bright colors, looks inviting or just looks like a story should be taking place.

Out Oct 20, currently at $31.50

Peter Lai's Japanese Village is going away this month. If you ever wanted to see this hidden part of Little Tokyo you better ask for an appointment.

In other sad news for Little Tokyo, one of the oldest restaurant owners passed on.

Kouraku’s Hiroshi Yamauchi, 67, Passes Away