Tuesday, March 26, 2019

OUE SkySpace Have You Tried The Slide?

 By Jonathan Bilski

Did you ever slide outside of a building? No, really. I mean you've had the chance for a while now. You just need to head to the Skyspace downtown and go down the Skyslide. No, that not a euphemism for anything. Get your mind out of the gutter and into the clouds for what I'm about to tell you.

On one of our recent sunny days I headed up to the U.S. Bank Tower. Now, don't get lost or go to that building's info desk, though they will tell you where to go. Head up some stairs or an escalator outside to OUE Skyspace entryway. They'll take your ticket there, have you go through a metal detector and take an elevator up. But wait, before you hit the top you'll stop at a tourist entry point all about LA. If not from around here, it's got some cute selfie spots. After this floor you'll really head up to the top floors for an amazing view of the city and a wonderful scream from outside the building.

The two floors that the SkysSpace have, tower over the city's sky and gives you just one of the greatest views of the city. There are these outdoor terraces that let you just look through giant safety panes of glass/plastic giving you an amazing view of the city. A wonderful place for photos or just relax and take in such a grandiose view of the city.

I went with a friend and we took time trying to identify different places we had been from such a high-up view.

Is that Little Tokyo. Where's Chinatown. Oh, that's here we're going later.

It's truly awe-inspiring just how vast the city stretches. You should at least go once in your life-time here in LA to look out and see how big the city is.

Where are those screams coming from? We're so high up. Is someone falling out of a helicopter or did a skydiver's parachute not open? No, it's the Skyslide. The slide that lets you see the ground from stories up and super scary view of the city for a few seconds. You're only in there for a few seconds, but those seconds are while being through a transparent slide. Screams are natural. Also, if an adult you might not slide as much anymore. It continues being fun.

There might be a line for the slide and they"ll ask to check your ticket again before going on. You"ll be given a cloth to put you butt and shoes on. Seeing others and you yourself  trying to pull yourself forward is pretty funny and may take a few seconds. You can't take your phone out to take video or take pictures while sliding. Ask a friend to get you as you're coming out.

I'd say it's a right-of-passage for any local at LA at this point. A visit akin to Travel Town or the LA Zoo. Something like a Bar Mitzvah, Skyvitzvah ? But, much more fun.

And it wouldn't be a Bar Mitzvah without a bar.  They SkySpace has two. They're on each floor of the top spaces. You can also get some eats and drinks there for the family. Though, we kind of wished for some more interesting Sky Food. Not sure what Sky Food is, but OUE could maybe have come up with some more fun eats and treats.

OUE Skyspace LA is located at 633 West 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071,
on the 70th floor of the iconic U.S. Bank Tower.
$25 for an adult
$22 for senior 65 +
$19 3-12 years
$8 for a single ride on the Skyslide
*Paid parking is nearby, I don't recommend the lot underneath US Bank Tower. Look for the best deal you can as the lots nearby are trying to trick you with times and the prices are pretty high.