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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Dread X Collection 3 All Together Spoopy

By Jonathna Bilski

Ahhhhhhh, it's so cute!!!? Well, maybe a bit gross and bloody. I guess it's the new term and I'm not making it up "Spoopy." Spoopy means it's cute scary. It's a subgenre of horror and that's where Dread X Collection 3 went with it's latest pack of 12 curated games made in 10 days. Much like an anthology horror movie, there's a wrap-around story that sets up the games you're playing. I do love the simple yet strange story of the ghost alien, Prometheus, just called P. Called P by Leo the human he's sort of trapped in or possessing. While searching around a delightfully adorable castle you"ll learn more about their story as you're playing as Leo. Then you'll get special candles you can put near graves to play the different games. Cute concept, horrible thought provoking story about existence to a creature that doesn't come from a dimension that has fixed points in time.

What had me interested from the get go wasn't just a horror game 12 pack to guzzle down, right before Halloween, but one of the new game makers for the collection. Adam Pype's & Viktor Kraus' – SPOOKWARE @ The Video Store made me giddy to try the new game in the series. Ya see, I downloaded their free version of Spookware, a horror version of Warioware, and was impressed by the bizarre mini-games. This time around they came up with a plot about three skeleton bros trying to make it through 3 nights of horror movies, a 3 day horrorthon. The mini-games are tough and I wish they did controller support. Still, I need to master my moves to see those skeleton bros make it through till Halloween.

(That's another heads up, not all the games in the collection work with with a standard controller. Most are gonna be mouse and keyboard.)

Another game I tried was Moya Horror/Amos' – Nice Screams at Funfair, this was a low poly, ice cream scooper game, where you had to serve zombies and other undead or you would be killed by a cat robot that was constantly monitoring you. It was weird and I can't say one of my favorites.

You have Breogan Hackett's – Bubbo: Adventure on Geralds Island, which is like an old school platformer from the Nintendo 64. It seems like it's gearing up for a weird ending, but the main story is just like playing any platformer from that era with the world's most irritating cameras.

There's more game to try and more secrets in the castle I have to unlock or at least suck up with my vacuum. Yes, just like Luigi's Mansion. 
Dread X Collection 3 isn't trying to break the horror genre in's just a literal cute collection-well, sometimes pretty bloody- of horror games made fast and our fun to try at least once. The Spookware one is gonna be the one you show to friends on your stream for Halloween.

Grab a copy of the game here on sale till Oct 30th. Regularly $9.99 on Steam. To learn more about it and each game look here.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes