Friday, January 10, 2020

Watch & Play: Snatchers & Control

Coming oddly enough from Verizon, which has studio division...or did? Snatchers is too good for it's small budget. A horror comedy about growing up, getting knocked up and then having to put down what has come out of you.

Sara, played by Mary Nepi, must team up with her former best friend Hayley, played by Gabrielle Elyse, to secretly get rid of Sara's unwanted to pregnancy...after doing it once and having a bun in the oven in 24 hours. And that plan is very much out the window when as Sara so eloquently puts it "her vag cannon" kills someone. It's only the start of the girls night of problems and way more fun bloodshed than you think is gonna happen.

It even has Rich Fulcher in the background as a dirty hippie helping the girls out.

With so little going in, so much came out and that's both literal and figurative for what happened. And it's out first liked new movie of the year and in January no less. Because we all no Underwater with T.J. Miller and Kristen Stewart should drown.

It's been out for Streaming since January 7
with a DVD and Blu-ray combo pack coming February 18 

Control is a dumb game that I like to play. Fun, but dumb.

I just talked to a friend about it as he just beat the main game the day before. I asked him what the name of the female protagonist was after just playing it myself. He and I could not remember. This was not after smoking pot or drinking. We couldn't remember because we just didn't care. The main character has the basic personality of well, even though I've spent hours playing and she has a lot of internal dialogue, I could not tell you. That's one of the main problems. Their are other that look like with some more consideration could be fixed.

The rest of the game is killing people with telekinetic powers. Picking up furniture with your mind and throwing it at people, doesn't get old. Having insane super powers remains fun in a shooter. Especially when you get a gun that shoots tiny implosion missiles.

The game will never really rise beyond that. It's like an action movie you're just happy to watch on a weekend. It's not Die Hard, it's a knockoff, but it's still fun to see.

Control is out now on all major platforms, but Switch. Wait for it when there's a sale.