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Monday, January 13, 2020

MOCA Free Now, Cereal Twister Glendale & Amazon Grocery Store Woodland Hills

We wish LACMA and MOCA did become one
MOCA is free now after a...really no announcement this weekend. Way to get the word out, MOCA. That's right, both MOCA's are free to go to now...apparently forever. It comes after a $10 million donation from Carolyn Clark Power, who is MOCA's Board of Trustees President. So, enjoy. There's some fine print as special exhibitions will charge you around $14 for entry. But for the most part it's now free to public just like The Hammer and The Broad.
via KCRW

Cereal Twister is set to open in Glendale Galleria mall. It still need to get a permit from the city, but if it does, it should open mid-February this year. The new cereal bar (Man, do we miss Milk Tavern in Koreatown) is Spain based and said it will be bringing some European cereal to try when and if it opens. via What Now LA

An Amazon Go store, not Amazon Grocery Store
Amazon’s first grocery store is suppose to be opening some time this year in Woodland Hills at 6245 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Taking over where the former Toy R Us once stood. Asking many, what does that mean? Amazon already owns Whole Foods and have tried staff-less stores where your phone and face identify you. You're charged by what you leave with. So, what's an Amazon grocery store like is really the question. via Daily News