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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Animation In 2020: The Owl House

By Jonathan B
Move over similar concept of a girl lost in a magical world filled with prejudices towards her. I'm talking to you Amphibia. Make room for The Owl House.
I guess Disney could make an hour block of just lost on different worlds cartoons. And then maybe you can just watch some Infinity Train Season 2 for even more lost child fun.

Coming out in a few days, January 10th to be exact, is a new cartoon for Disney about a young non-magical girl who gets lost in a magical world and most pose as a student witch as to probably not be killed. Our heroine is Luz, whose befriended by a powerful witch named Eda, who kind of has Ryoko hair from Tenchi Muyo. While in this new magical land called The Boiling Isle she's gotta pretend to be magic. Oh, and her room-mate is a demon named King, who looks kind of cute.

This is from Dana Terrace who has some great cred from working on both Gravity Falls and DuckTales. There's a lot of former animators from those previous shows working on hers. Oh, and one of my favorite artists, Sam Bosma worked on it too. So it has a ton of cred going into it.

So much cred that it got the green light for a Season 2 before it even premiered.

Now, other than hearing those wonderful facts you should care, because all the art and trailers for the show make it look great. It's got some really gross monsters filled with some chibi style. Frankly, dear reader it looks like an extremely well polished pile of animation and storytelling with some good ol' world building in there too.

Check it out and will go over more of it in the future if it does stand out for all the cred it has.

Oh, and Dreamworks has Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts coming out on Netflix 4 days later, hmmmmmm, weird timing? Except it's a future girl on an Earth ruled by animals, but still similar in the girl lost, wants to return home collection of cartoons. And it looks watchable, because the character designer looks like he worked on some other fun shows. But we'll see, because Dreamworks isn't none for it's stellar work or really anything past Shrek in my book.