Saturday, January 18, 2020

These Two Video Game Movies Look Like Forgettable Fun

The little kid in us wants to see them for how dumb they look and for the surprising amount of actors we generally like as cameo characters. But for real, these are gonna be some forgettable video game films. We'll even give credit with the special effects in Free Guy looking top notch, but still. Great graphics don't make a great film.

*Side note
We wish studios allowed for original soundtracks, because we truly love Hardcore Henry, it just would have been at a whole other level if it didn't use old tracks like a TV commercial. These movies look like they're gonna use old tracks in the same way.

We're sure they'll be fun to watch for a weekend movie when you just want to chill at home, but there's not gonna be much substance over style. It's gun and explosions. If you just want to clear you mind for an hour or two you have these this year.

 Guns Akimbo In Theaters, On Demand & On Digital on February 28th 2020
 Free Guy opens in U.S. theaters July 3, 2020.