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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Why Didn't You Write About The Magic Flute

Why Didn't You Write About The Magic Flute?

That's a great question, I know if we'd open the comments section again you might ask it, but more than likely it would be filled with racism and those strange ads for beds. Hi, I'm the editor JB or Jonathan. I'm writing to you directly our readers about the awful new play/opera?...that is The Magic Flute.

LAist just did a post on it and it pretty much cemented what made it not go into our beloved Weekly What To Do Section.

First off, The Magic Flue is some sort of a opera where people will cosplay as video game characters. And usually anything with video game characters will make us go crazy over here at TTDILA. And we will quickly post on it, especially if it's your Fortnites or video game burlesque show.

The Magic Flute gave off a level of "what the Hell is this" as soon as we checked out its official web page. If you've clicked on it, I'm sorry that you've wasted your time.

That site and the recent post from LAist show a clear and cut message that the people involved thought something like, "Hey, let's just put on video game costumes and use backgrounds for games and change nothing else about the opera."

If you read below the interview with show director Josh Shaw from LAist is pretty damning on how horrible the show's gonna be.

Shaw's not a big gamer — he said that his own video gaming days ended in the '90s with GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 and old-school Mario Kart. The show is targeting adults nostalgic for those early video game days.

"This is something that everybody who's been alive since 1983, or before, I guess, can at least recognize," Shaw said. "You can't go too specific, because you might be a huge Zelda fan, and be in the audience, but 80 percent of the audience just recognizes Link and Zelda. They probably think Link is Zelda."

Eh, so this guy hasn't played any recent video games and is saying people won't care about the distinction that Link is in fact not Zelda!?

Yeah, that's a pretty terrible sign about caring about video games and sounds awful in play with a show about them.

Shaw continues that he made some jokes for the every gamer and "true gamers", whatever that means. I'm guessing it really means he put some pretty awful jokes in and changed nothing about an opera.

Then there's that awful teaser trailer at the end of the interview that was just the performers practicing in black and white, which is not a teaser, but garbage.

I like video game themed musicals and indie theater too. The Pokemusical that took place, a sad to look back six years ago, was one of those gems. This is no Pokemusical.

There's Evil Dead Musical with a splash zone in April. Way more worth your time.