Monday, March 4, 2019

Splatter Zone Seating At Evil Dead The Musical

Any entrails or body parts caught must be returned after performance.
Will you be seated in the Splatter Zone or Non Splatter Zone? It's not a tough decision if you're going to the Evil Dead The Musical this April. Yes, the team over at Young Artists Forever have taken the well known horror cult classic and done something groovy with it, made it into a musical.

If a long time fan of the site you know our love for horror films turned into musicals with splatter zones. It worked for Re-Animator and hopefully will work for Evil Dead.

This is a small production in a small play house and it's only happening for a few days, so get tickets fast, they've almost sold out the Splatter Zones for all their performances.

April 5-14, 2019
Select dates
Hillcrest Center for the Arts
403 W Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

"Evil Dead The Musical takes all the elements of the cult classic films, The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness and combines them for one of the craziest, funniest, and bloodiest theatrical experiences of all time.  Five college students go to an abandoned cabin in the woods, and accidentally unleash an evil force that turns them all into demons. It’s all up to Ash (a housewares employee, turned demon-killing hero), and his trusty chainsaw to save the day. Blood flies. Limbs are dismembered. Demons tell bad jokes… and all to music."

Friday, April 5 at 7:30pm
Saturday, April 6 at 7:30pm
Sunday, April 7 at 2:00pm
Thursday, April 11 at 7:30pm
Friday, April 12 at 7:30pm
Saturday, April 13 at 7:30pm
Sunday, April 14 at 2:00pm