Friday, March 8, 2019

Where Can I Get Strange Chip Flavors?

By Jonathan B

Where Can I Get Strange Chip Flavors?

Excellent question, that you were not allowed to ask. Once again, never opening that comments section, the racism.

But were not here to talk about the ungodly level of racism that made me shut down the comments. We're talking chips. On a recent trip in Monterey Park we found the mother load of strange flavors.You just got to head to the Great Wall Supermarket, GW for short.

Great Wall Supermarket
421 N Atlantic Blvd Monterey Park, CA 91754
9am-9pm daily 
*There's a bigger parking lot on another side, don't try parking in the small one.

Just head to the chip aisle and you'll find Lay's, but not our Lay's. I believe these are from China. But they might be from another Asian country. Anyway, these Lay's come in flavors like: Grilled Squid, Roasted Chicken Wing, Mexican Tomato Chicken, Numb and Spicy Hot Pot, Seaweed, Cucumber and American Classic.

I've yet to break any open, saving them for a party, but these little bags for $1.99 mean you can sample quite a few with friends. And who doesn't want to try Numb and Spicy Hot Pot?

Found the HOM Banana Chips while there too. Not sure if a banana base is good for sour cream and onion. It also came in corn cheese flavor.

Oddly, on many random products was the same man. Who I only can assume is the President of China. Just kidding, he's probably a celeb over there, but that's some strange exposure to be on that many random snacks.

Lastly, here's paper clothes you can buy at TS Emporium California, Monterey Park, W Garvey Ave, 91754. Cash only. Not sure what they're for, maybe a certain Chinese holiday or a known gag gift for parties? I'll assume you can get them in Chinatown too. You just gotta look around.