Monday, March 4, 2019

Obvious Plant’s Museum of Toys Gallery

Every few feet you would hear a chuckle, a laugh, or someone saying, "Oh G-d". These were people checking out the exhibits at Obvious Plant's Museum of Toys, open now through March 17. Each day open allows you to take a look at an alternative history of toys so horrible in nature you'll just have to take photos. And taking photos are encouraged.
We chatted with Obvious Plant aka Jeff Wysaski about his museum opening here. Check it out to get his perspective on why he open such a weird pop-up.

March 1-17

Open daily from 12pm-9pm March 2-17, 2019,

with an opening reception on March 1 from 7pm-11pm. 

Start Pop Up, 2270 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 900061

Special events happening every day of it's run. Check above link for details.  Some of our favs

March 13th (8-9pm) Board Game Night. Stand-up comedians Andrew Michaan, Brent Weinbach and friends play the board game Chameleon in front of you, the audience!

March 14th Steve Wars Day. Steve Wars character performances and free entry if your name is Steve.

March 15th Gelatin Art Display. Musician/Artist Jarina De Marco encases a bunch of toys in Jello!

If you look through our gallery below, there's a great section dedicated to fake Gamecube titles, our favorites being Wind Cop 3 and Very Far Away Horse. It's only one section of wacky as different eras of odd toys are everywhere. 

Go all the way in to the back  and you'll be probably frightened by the Mr. T devoted art show. It's all Mr. T dolls strung up on the walls. Now, it's not a serial killer's lair, it's just an art exhibit. We think.

We had fun walking around this silly little pop-up, so head there if anything in the gallery below excites and you want to share on your feed. We didn't take a picture of everything, but a good chunk of it.