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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Cloudy Garlic Big Sandwiches and Big Soda Selection

By Jonathan Bilski

Don't pass by this little hidden restaurant, you should give it a try if in Eagle Rock. The Cloudy Garlic is where your breath will need a few dozen Tic Tacs or the entire roll of Hubba Bubba bubble tape after you eat at it. It's got big sandwiches and they are filled with garlic like everything else on the menu. Not hurting it as a destination is the huge variety of bottled sodas to try.

I ventured to Eagle Rock over the weekend on a quest for the Korean BeefHolic. A big ol' Korean beef sandwich that The Cloudy Garlic is known for and it is huge. My server warned me to pull away the paper it was wrapped in, less it fall apart. There was so much meat to eat! I got it with the beer-battered zucchini fries. Now, neither of these were comfort foods to me, but the service and style of this cute restaurant was so nice I would come back to try anything else on the menu.

And they don't just have sandwiches. They've got dogs, burgers, salads and rice bowls and can even serve you an espresso or a frappe. And I did finish my sandwich, I just couldn't finish the whole thing there, it's just that big.

What they also have is a huge selection of sodas. Yes, there's three refrigerators full of different sodas to try. Different fruit flavors, classics and other bottles you might have not seen. It adds a little treat to your food outing getting to have a nice cold bottle with a new flavor to try.

You might miss the place at first, it's just a small shop with a few businesses nearby in a small lot, but you could park nearby at the mall behind it and easily walk to it.

The staff was courteous and helpful and asked me if I needed anything while I tried finishing eating my huge garlic sandwich. 

So, give it a shot, if hankerin' when you're hungry and maybe you have somebody coming by later you would like to talk to with galricy breath.

Odd, they don't sell mints.