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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Pasadena is for the Birds: Fried Chicken That Is

Fried Chicken sandwiches are all the rage right now and Pasadena is a part of it. Two restaurants walking distance from each other are sporting the bird in tasty sandwiches or just the plain ol' fried way. So, if you're ready, why not head out and get something tasty for lunch or dinner?

The Crack Shack is a big restaurant, that's hard to miss when in Old Town Pasadena. Its got some fun giant chicken statues to take pics with our scare small children by saying "Oh no, it's gonna come to life and eat you!" When in reality you"ll be eating a lot of it.

What made us want to try the recently opened place was the menu names and photos online. With items called the Double Clucker and Firedbird  with some delicious looking photos on Instagram  made our mouths water.

The selection, which allows you to just get fried chicken, blows away KFC with style, look and taste. The Double Clucker done filled us up, but the other sandwiches will have us coming back to try the different tastes. I'm not trying to down play the Clucker, that sandwich is filling and messy.
Double Clucker

With a nice touch is the sauce area on tap. So, you can have ketchup, but they also have a wide selection of sauces to try with your bird. And if you're like us, you'll want to try them all. They also have Stubborn Soda as their carbonated drinks of choice, a brand we haven't tried here at TTDILA, so, the shack let's you taste another take on cola that isn't from Pepsi or Coke.

If you want to kick it here it's perfect for a big group and in back they have TV's for sports and a bar to get some adult drinks. There's o much room that you can bring the family and not be disturbed by those watching the X Games.

We'll be back, sooner or later to try what else is on the menu. After we fully digest our meal.

The Crack Shack
30 W Green St
Pasadena, CA 91105 

Not far at all, it's probably about a block or less away, is the smaller of the two, Daddy's Chicken Shack. If you want less of a crowd and just a little table outside, this fried chicken place is for you.

I guess "shack" is a requisite for having a friend chicken place now? Anyway, this cute little restaurant also serves fried chicken with a smaller menu, though they have vegan options.

We tried the Big Daddy, their own take on the fried chicken sandwich and it's just as tasty as what's next door. We wouldn't mine coming back here either the next time were in the area.
Big Daddy

Daddy's Chicken Shack
11 West Dayton St
Pasadena, CA 91105