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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Here Come The Art Shows: LA Art Show Jan 23 and Frieze LA Feb 15

Art is upon us. And not the opening receptions we post on every week. This January we have the returning LA Art Show and in February we have the inaugural Frieze LA.

The LA Art Show is a time honored tradition of looking at art from all over the world in one place, that place being our huge convention center. This gathering of galleries has an unparalleled collection to traverse. While modern and historical work our everywhere, we like to wonder to Littletopia for the pop art. You"ll spend hours looking through the different artists and styles, taking it all in.

LA Art Show
January 23-27, 2019 
LA Convention Center
$33 and up

In February, we have Frieze at Paramount Studios. It's just starting out and says it will feature 70 galleries of contemporary art.

It's suppose to set itself apart from other art shows because of using Paramount's back-lot. Specifically, the fake New York City you"ll be wandering through to check out the art. There will be some big pieces of art to wander through or check out in Fake New York.

*No parking for this event. They want you to be  dropped of and picked up.

*No tickets will be sold at the event, you must order them ahead of time.

Frieze LA
February 15-17
Paramount Studios
5515 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038
$53.85 for adults
Less $ for Students and children