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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Link List: Animation Industry LA, Birth Tourism & Bathroom Fight Scenes

Here's two good reads on the animation industry going on now in Los Angeles

-Animation jobs are booming in Southern California. Here’s what it takes to get them

-Netflix and films like ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ are fueling an animation renaissance


-Travel agents charged with bringing pregnant Chinese women to give birth on U.S. soil

Jeez, that took forever, if you can remember the raids on Chinese birth tourism in 2015 here in California, you might be surprised that actual arrests are happening now. In, what doesn't seem much like a win for the US is the recent charges have been put up for those involved in bringing pregnant Chinese Moms to the US, so their kids can be citizens.

It's kind of a sad read about how fast our system works as it did take like four years for charges to happen. Pathetic on our part.

-City On Fire has done a great job going over The Top 15 Bathroom Fight Scenes