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Thursday, January 3, 2019

ShakeAlertLA App Not Where To Find Best Shakes In LA

We just got a new app here in LA, ShakeAlertLA. Yeah, the name isn't great. It's a new app that suppose to warn us about ten seconds before an earthquake starts in LA. That may seem like little, but with the app we might be able to shut off gas, stop trains and elevators before things go bad. It may be just a little window, but those precious seconds could save lives and time by giving different parts of our infrastructure and just ourselves time to prepare.

The app just got rolled out and it may take years before certain systems are tied to it. Something like safety measure automatically shutting down your stove before an Earthquake hits.

For the common LA resident it'll give you time to grab the kids or significant other. Or if not having loved ones your PS4 or Laptop.

Other countries have similar systems in place and it's helped them prepare for an onslaught. There have been problems with those other systems, so, we might get false alarms as it's a brand new app. It's worth it, if it can really work when a real "shake" happens.

You can get the App for free on Android or iOS now.

via LA Times