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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Passport to Iron City The Battle Angel Alita Experience

Looks like iam8bit has been busy. Behind the scenes they've been working on an experience, specifically, Passport to Iron City The Battle Angel Alita Experience.

Here's what the official site reveals about it

"Live like a local in Iron City: join your team for exclusive drinks at the Kansas, the famous hunter-warrior watering hole, and explore the vibrant streets of Iron City, where you’ll interact with the City’s gritty residents and visit familiar landmarks, from the infamous cyborg scrapyards to the high-energy Motorball Stadium. Earn credits by completing puzzles and challenges, experiment with innovative technology, and uncover hidden clues to determine your fate."
Passport to Iron City - Los Angeles
Starts Jan 23-Feb 13
@ 1025 E. 16 Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021
$25 and going up price close
Regular tickets go on sale on January 18, 2019

Now it's iam8bit, so whatever they'll do will have had thought and fun behind it. It looks like a very well made escape room and after what they did for Capcom and Resident Evil I trust them when it comes to anything like an escape room.

We have two problems with it, though.

1. Usually experiences for movies don't cost anything. It's weird the model has changed and you have to pay for it. It's $25 now, but it's gonna go up in price.

2. We haven't seen the movie yet. So, they've built an experience around it, but it's kind of hard to fully enjoy it when all the reference we have is a trailer. The experience is set to stop the day before the movie comes out. It would probably be more enjoyable after seeing the movie. Because familiar landmarks don't matter if you don't have a reference point.
Correction: The experience will still be open after the movie comes out, but a price increase on Feb 13 means it'll go up to $55 per person. So, you can see the movie and then feel like you're in the film. You'll be able to recognize landmarks from it.

3. And I know we didn't say three, but this is us nerding out. Battle Angel Alita so far seems like a mess. The giant anime eyes thing still look stupid to us and there's a whole back log of odd in it's production. It's been on James Cameron's backburner for years and then he gave it to Robert Rodriguez...and he's not that great a director lately. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was kind of a mess and not as good as it's predecessor that he did direct, but this would be this film would be comeback.

I hope it doesn't go on a list with Mortal Engines at the end of the year.