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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fire Them LA Kings, Fire Them

Had to see an real horrible accident over the weekend. On Vine St, I saw a true mess of form and thoughtlessness that looked like garbage was in an art gallery. The above image is real, not a fake, not created by Obvious Plant, it's an ad for the LA Kings. And, yes it's as busy looking as Howlin's Ray's on the weekend.

Let's just try and break down all the elements in it and hopefully get who made it fired. Because they deserve to be. And we will speculate like crazy who did it.

I would hate getting this as a postcard. Mainly, because it's so ugly.  And why does it look it's a postcard. That's such a strange choice from the get go.

They crammed in the The Capitol Records building, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the poorly named TLC Chinese Theater (read about it's dumb name here) a red carpet, the Hollywood Sign changed to Hockeywood-which is not clever-, and three Kings hockey players taking a selfie. Way, way too much is crammed in there. I say go for broke if you're trying to cram as much Hollywood in there. They should put in an Oscar and celebrities, the fake Batman in front of The Chinese, trendy people in line, scooters and f*ck it, Randy's Donuts.

Then it reads, "It's Hollywood," on it.

Hollywood? The Kings, to my knowledge, are in the Staples Center. That's downtown Los Angeles. What the hell are you talking about sign? The Kings are based in downtown LA. It should more accurately be, "It's not Hollywood, it's downtown LA."

If you live in LA and would be the main people going to a Kings' game, why would you care? You live near or are based in LA if your the main viewer of a Kings' game. It's like getting a postcard from where you already live. Who sends that?

Is this sign trying to grab tourists to go? Even, even if that is so, why have the sign here. Shouldn't that sign be somewhere outside of LA County at the very least? So, it can at least trick people into thinking about the Kings as being in Hollywood?

If for tourists, they might not even know it's for hockey. Sure, there are hockey players on the banner, but they don't have a hockey sticks, they have a selfie stick. And some countries don't have hockey or like America, don't care that much, so they may wonder what it's for.

On just the selfie stick situation. Look at how much light is being emitted from that phone. It's insane. Also, not how a phone work to take selfies. Someone photoshopped that so poorly.

Looking away from the just awful postcard element. We have a little information we have the name of the team and the new phrase, 'It's The Kings," Which is what? And then underneath that, which would be hard to see if not stopped, while driving your car, are where you can watch and listen to it, possibly? They are so small on this sign they might as not even be there.

Now to really shove this into a dumpster, let's look at the ad campaign from 2016 from the Soda & Lime advertising agency, which was easy to find online.

Look at these banners. They are a mile-away monochrome making me smile better. I"ll give you the tiny logos for McDee's and Sportsnet are hard to see, but they just look better in comparison.

So, how is it two years later it's become a Katamari ball clump of Hollywood? I couldn't easily find what ad agency did this current banner as I doubt any wants to take credit.

My best guess  as to who made it? It was done in-house by some executive's son or daughter who's "talented." Then need to shove that talent into something else.

So, please people who the Kings, fire your son or daughter who made that awful banner. Get them into some other position in the company.