Monday, October 22, 2018

Halloween Update: Zombie Land Saga

Just in time for Halloween, Zombie Land Saga is out to scare you with the world of becoming a Japanese idol, while also being a zombie. In probably one of the strangest, yet still very Japanese ideas for a new anime is a show about seven Japanese girls trying to become a top notch idol group to promote Saga prefecture. Yes, the Saga in Zombie Land Saga is about an area in Japan, not a long story about zombie adventures.

The simul-dub from Funimation starts this Sunday, Oct 28th at 4pm. Subbed episodes are already out on Crunchyroll.

I've gotten three episode deep already and love the show. It's a perfect mix of a fulfilling your dream anime with hard work, yet still crams each episode with horror elements and great ideas with the use of dead bodies.

It's about the most generic characters and plots seen before, but every episode pulls me in with the fact the girls are zombies. And the writing uses their zombie abilities to make each story shine.

And then there's the group manager...he's a huge d*@k.

Here's hoping these zombie gals can make it as top idols and make Saga Prefecture a place people want to hang out.