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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Halloween Update: Halloween Oreos

Halloween is time for Halloween Oreos. Fun scary designs are put on the now orange colored-filled cookie for October. They've been out for a few weeks now leading into the month. It's known, it's just a change in color, not taste, but we still can't give them up every October.

They're making their way into yummy limited time treats.

Trick OREO® Treat Ice Cream is the flavor of the month for Basking Robbins/31 Flavors. Its got more than just bits of delicious Halloween orange Oreos. This vanilla ice cream has Baby Ruth and Butterfingers candy pieces in it too. It's like Trick r' Treating all in one place.

Then Dunkin Donuts really went out of their way with some fun Twitter ideas on the new Oreo Dunkin Donut, before settling on the one below.

 Love the marketing of figuring out how to combine Dunkin Donuts with an Oreo.