Wednesday, August 1, 2018

ScareLA Now Halloween Pop-Up Theme Park

ScareLA, the other Halloween summer convention in SoCal, has just announced a change in their format, this year they"ll transform into a Halloween pop-up theme park under the title "Descend Into Darkness," because it's gonna be in the dark. This new low-light version of the con will transom the space in the LA Convention Center into its own haunt experience and will probably save a lot on lighting costs...not for the vendors.

The new event where a bump in the night is probably just another con-goer trying to get past you will be taking place later this month Aug 25 & 26th. Get more info here.

We do remember at past ScareLAs where the lights were off in different sections, so the format isn't the biggest change, it"ll just be weird for the vendors, who might have to use lanterns to sell their wares.

We're expecting a lot of neon.