Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hello Kitty Converse Launch @ Shoe Palace Little Tokyo

We were in awe of candy coated sparkly apples around Little Tokyo. We eventually found their home base at Shoe Palace celebrating the launch of Hello Kitty Converse. Shoes with Hello Kitty designs all over them just started being sold that weekend. Candy apples we thought were a special treat for Nisei Week turned out to only be the the start of goodies from the Hello Kitty Launch.

They had free offering of candy sushi. Wrapped-up rice krispy treats, gummy fish and cupcakes looked a lot like sushi as it whizzed along on a conveyor belt for those who stopped by.

Shoe Palace also had a free photo op that had you inside the outline of Sanrio's famous cat. It kind of made the rest of Nisei Week fall flat in comparison.