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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Humble Jackbox Party Bundle

Two friends of the site and not a friend-right-now Andrew have suggested this bundle to us. Why? Because they know we love You Don't Know Jack and the Jackbox Party Packs. The Humble Jackbox Party Bundle is up now and for the next few days you can get a great deal on our favorite trivia and couch co-op game.

You Don't Know Jack started it all. A fun and inventive trivia game that loves bashing pop culture. The company behind it years later start making the Jackbox which made even more strange and fun competitive and group games that are perfect for parties and get together as your controller is your phone. Sadly, Jackbox Party Pack 4 is missing from the bundle, but the three other party packs and games in the bundle we'll keep you busy with any social gathering.