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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump LA Protests Have Some Real Scum In Them

TTDILA has no problem with Los Angeles voicing it's problems with Trump becoming President. What we do have a problem with is the garbage people who used the protest to just be huge jerks blocking traffic and tagging graffiti. Never f with the 101.

What actually started as a peaceful protest in Pershing Square and in front of City Hall stretched to Grand Park turned into a mess when it sprawled out into the 101 freeway where protesters held up traffic in a state where people voted for Hillary.

What we saw wasn't a real protest, but a sad display of scum who just wanted to cause trouble. As we wished for the the LAPD to shoot bean bags at the crowd of idiots on the freeway, instead we had the LAPD and Sheriff's deputies slowly dispersing the crowds after midnight.

Those who got on the freeway are cowards who had an excuse to cause more trouble to a city that voted for Hillary. If those people had actually just stayed within the parks or around major government buildings they were be no problem. Instead of doing something brave like protesting in a state that that voted for Trump they just caused problems here and made their arguments seem childish.

You can check out the protest here at KCAL 9