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Monday, November 14, 2016

Justice League Action Finally Comes Out Nov 27

Coming out just in time of the four part CW crossover event is Justice League Action. Cartoon Netowk has a Justice League cartoon again and it's not in CGI!!!!

 We would love to know the in-fighting or battle of egos from WB and CN executives on what happened. They missed their own toy launch at McDonalds two months ago. Hey kids, want toys for a property you haven't even seen yet?

All in all we finally get good ol' WB cartoon with a huge collection of super heroes from DC's history and a new non-specific region name so it can sell in other countries. You can put America in things you guys.

Sorry, I'm just glad they dropped that CGI notion with that last Batman.

Assuming at how long they've held onto it, I'm guessing they made have possibly already made 52 11-minute episodes for this series.