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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Dead Rising 4 Really Hard To Buy For PC

I don't own an Xbox One, but I love the Dead Rising series. I wanted to see how much DR4 would be for PC; if there would be any Black Friday deals for it. Even in that I found it troubling to find where to buy it online. The game launches Dec 6 for PC and Xbox One, but the only place I could find to download it online for PC, doesn't even list if it's actually for PC.

After looking on various game store sites I had to go to Reddit for any ideas of where to get it online. The only place Reddit found it was the Microsoft Store and as of writing this, the page is very unhelpful in explaining if it's even for PC. All it says, as of writing this is it's Available on Xbox One. Now there is another page Reddit gave me for the PC version, but the descriptions not even in English.

This is a truly strange move on the part of Capcom and Microsoft as limiting how to buy the game just makes them less money. It's still an exclusive to Microsoft, but so exclusive I can't find and easy way to pre-order it?

I've even gone through the official web-site via Capcom. I see box art for a PC physical copy version that doesn't exist anywhere yet and I'm frustrated.

I just want to kill zombies and take selfies for Christmas.