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Monday, November 21, 2016

DCon 2016 Bigger Toys For Adults and Kids

DesignerCon, lovingly referred to DCon-because, hey, you and me don't have enough free time to say the full version of the name- has gotten bigger. Booths of toys, art, plushies and all kinds of junk that need to be on your desk filled the halls of the Pasadena Convention Center and some strange part of the center I've never been to that took my crew and me outside and into another hall. It took place over two days, last weekend.

What this tells us is that DCon is going higher stakes! No, not really, it's just gotten more popular and people want a place to meet artists and vinyl toys makers. So that means some additions like panels across the street at a restaurant(?) and an afterparty. So maybe DCon isn't using the space it has as best it could, but we're getting a wide selection of artists to look at.

A ton of TTDILA's pals were in force. We saw QPop, Giant Robot, Christopher Lee's The Beast Is Back, Fangrrlz and Chogrin with a lot of other familiar galleries and artists. Oh, how could we forget Hero Complex Gallery was there too.

They were joined by strange sights from gross-I mean true nightmare masks- and then you had the cutest of plushies from Mighty Fine and some ham cat and crabapple's. Yes, a lot of hybrids food animals to hug.
We're open to almost all the art there, but we're just not clicking the shoe connections. Odd chocies of making shoe masks and helmets. Then there's the anthropomorphic show women. The concept sounds so strange we thought it should come from the Japanese instead of from here.

For the gamer, just a huge collection of goodies to wear, put on your walls, on the desk or to hug. Why did they make a Hyper Light Drifter plushie?

 Z is for Zangief!