Thursday, November 17, 2016

Anime In Theaters In 2017: Sailor Moon R- THE MOVIE, One Piece Film: Gold & Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-

If you're an otaku or just a anime fan then 2017 is shaping up to be the year for you. Hey, this week we have a J-pop idol group in LA and an anime movie here on Tuesday. We're saying it's a good time to enjoy anime in the country.

Sailor Moon R- THE MOVIE is headed to theaters this January. This is Sailor Moon animation from the 90's that was never ever released in US theaters. The story for it is as normal as it's going to be for Sailor Moon, more details below. It comes with a short film.

For older fans, sigh, it's not the original English dub voice cast, it's the new one.

*Of note, VIZ is extremely scant on details about where and when it's playing, only saying it'll be in theaters this January, so check out site later for further details. Screenings will be offered English dubbed, with select screenings in Japanese with English subtitles

Sailor Moon R- THE MOVIE synopsis:
Long before Mamoru found his destiny with Usagi, he gave a single rose in thanks to a lonely boy who helped him recover from the crash that claimed his parents. This long-forgotten friend, Fiore, has been searching the galaxy for a flower worthy of that sweet gesture long ago. The mysterious flower he finds is beautiful, but has a dark side- it has the power to take over planets. To make matters worse, the strange plant is tied to an ominous new asteroid near Earth! Faced with an enemy blooming out of control, It’s up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians to band together, stop the impending destruction and save Mamoru!
Make Up! Sailor Guardians synopsis:
Usagi and Chibi-Usa are at the cafe when they overhear two girls debating which of the Sailor Guardians is the best. Will Usagi’s alter-ego, Sailor Moon, end up being their favorite?
Update: Of course, Funimation announced another anime film in theaters next year, One Piece Film: Gold.

No details on tickets yet, but a clear date of January 10 to 17 to catch the film. And darn, it looks fun.

The Straw Hat pirates are hitting the big screen once again in an all-new high-flying adventure! The popular series that has captivated fans all over the world unfolds a new saga in the highly anticipated movie, One Piece Film: Gold.
The glittering Gran Tesoro, a city of entertainment beyond the laws of the government, is a sanctuary for the world’s most infamous pirates, Marines, and filthy rich millionaires. Drawn by dreams of hitting the jackpot, Captain Luffy and his crew sail straight for the gold. But behind the gilded curtains lies a powerful king whose deep pockets and deeper ambitions spell disaster for the Straw Hats and the New World alike.

Here in LA we have a US Premiere for anime film in March. At $30, yeah $30, we have Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-.

I'm not a big fan of the series, but it's fun to see Aniplex renting out a big theater for the film.

Sword Art Online the Movie -Ordinal Scale-
March 1st
5:00 pm: Sword Art Online Merchandise Store Open
6:30 pm: Doors Open
7:30 pm: Screening Start
Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood
※Special Giveaway Item available with ticket (while supplies last)

Based on the mega-hit light novel series, Sword Art Online returns as an animated motion picture featuring a brand new story by original author Reki Kawahara!
Experience an all new adventure with Kirito, Asuna, and their party members as they explore the world of “Ordinal Scale,” a new hit game utilizing augmented reality technology. Is Ordinal Scale just another game? Players are about to find the line between the virtual world and reality beginning to blur and their worst nightmares coming true! As his fellow players find themselves in danger, the hero is called upon once again! Can Kirito save his friends or is this going to be game over for him…?