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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shut Up, It's Already Christmas: Santa Strikes! Holiday Trading Card Sets and Drew Wise's Ugly Sweater Takover of TeeFury

Santa Strikes! Holiday Trading Card Sets and New Holiday Cards

Brad McGinty has blown us away again. He has fun with the holidays like no other. He melded the Mars Attacks! cards with Merry Christmas in the disturbing pack of cards, Santa Strikes! Holiday Trading Card Set. This five piece card collection tells the story of a monstrous Santa killing around Christmas time, it doesn't tell the concocted tale by Brad McGinty with Coke and the State Senator of Alabama in the 60's. Well worth a read to better understand how strange the cards are. The art on them perfectly captures the style of the ultra-violent cards from way back when with Santa in the mix.

Coming out with the card collection is 60's based holiday post cards that capture the comic book style  ads of those times and treat Jesus as a monster on a collectible kit. He's got road rage this time around and wants to burn lumber in his Christmas tree automobile. Get his inappropriate Shag Ass Holiday Card here. For something a little less wild, go for the Dig The Season card, available here, with stupid beatniks celebrating the holidays. The Go Ape holiday card captures a side of the holidays that should never be let loose, yet we are reminded of many of our friends who act that way, find it here. Or get them all in a set here.

Drew Wise's Ugly Sweaters Takover of TeeFury
Give it a look right now.

Beloved artist Drew Wise makes the holiday season truly ugly with unconventional sweaters that may never be allowed to be warn outside. Only in the confidence of friends and family and other nerds who would get the sweaters reference could the populous feel comfortable.

Now it's not only Drew Wise's designed sweaters, many other artist brought to life sweaters based on your favorite media from video games, TV shows and even anime. Our favorite choice, and that Seinfeld "Festivus" sweater was hard to pass up as winner, was Sweatshirt 1.11 by Jason Cryer, that breaks down Evangelion.

Now hurry, the sweaters are only sold now through the 22nd. They're in bad taste, but bad taste that can keep you warm and enjoy by yourself while watching whatever is on your chest on the small screen with some cocoa.